Happy earth day! :3 🐾🌸🍄🌐
Use today to practice mindfulness, consider the impact of everything you do in this beautiful world.
Because every little thing really counts, don’t ever tell yourself you’re too insignificant to make a difference because it simply isn’t true, the only thing holding you back is your mindset.
Every bit of energy you put out into the world has massive potential and influence, be conscious of what effect you’re having, if you’re honestly proud of the choices you make, if everything you’re doing truly feels “right”.
If it doesn’t, you have every opportunity and all of the power needed to change. 🌎
4.20.14 // Fender Precision
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4.10.14 // #SF #tbt
4.5.14 // Because the movie was awesome
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Finally finished my complete set of MCR Killjoys jackets!
3.22.14 // So long & Goodnight