7.24.14 // I did it! I met the cast of @communitytv!!! 😎 Thanks for signing my shirt even though it wasn’t allowed, @gillianjacobs! 😍 #Community #SDCC (at San Diego Convention Center)
7.23.14 // My body is ready. #SDCC (at Comic-Con)
7.20.14 // Silver Centurion
do you use photoshop?


no u fkn peasant fk off

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Hayley is taking over the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival Twitter on Friday at 7:30pm BST! Send your questions to @OfficialRandL with #RandLQA.
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7.16.14 // The Future is Bulletproof
7.10.14 // Brand new awesome Boba place #Craftea in #SF! Many delicious freshly brewed teas to choose from, go check it out if you’re in the sunset! 😎⚡️ (at Craftea)
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6.26.14 // Daydreaming
6.25.14 // Monkey Bizness
6.25.14 // Monkey Business 🙉
6.20.14 // 風にひとり
6.10.14 // Ecto-1 👻